Ghostwriting &
Script Doctoring


Everyone has a story, but most people don’t have the time, discipline or skills to put it on paper.

An experienced ghostwriter who has done everything from New York Times Best Selling Memoirs to Young Adult novels, I truly enjoy getting inside your mind and helping you execute your vision. Ghostwriting is just that….I am the ghost who writes your story for you. My name cannot be found anywhere on the manuscript. As far as your family and friends are concerned, YOU wrote your own masterpiece. It is an interactive experience as you give me all of the details….either on paper, audio or interview and I write your novel for you.

It’s that simple.

And while meeting in person is helpful, most of my clients have been out of state or out of country.

Ghostwriting fees vary depending on the length of the project and how much work you have already done on it/ the raw materials I have to work with. Ghosting jobs cost between 30k and 75k (even though many ghost writers charge exorbitant 100k+ fees), I enjoy helping people pluck their stories from their heads and into potential New York Times best sellers. It’s a process I truly love and I appreciate the journey of working with my clients to give them exactly what they want.

I also turn around your novel within three months.

For more information on how this works, and pricing, please email me and we can get your novel started on its journey towards being published. If you have a book in you and lack the time and talent to write it, we will discuss the possibilities.


What I do is read your script, analyze it and make sure what is in your head comes out on the page. For more information on how this works, and pricing, please e-mail me and we can GET YOUR SCRIPT STARTED ON ITS JOURNEY.

Remember, you only have one shot at it in this town… no agent is going to read the same script twice. There are simply too many scripts out there. Unless you are looking for a ghostwriter (a completely different job — see above) I am not going to write your script for you. That is your job! But script doctoring is a slightly more invasive approach to your script than Script Analysis. I will actually make the changes onto your document (I do it in “red,” and your original draft is kept safe.) This way, you can see how I would move your script in new and exciting directions.

My fee for a first time READ of a play is $350, a full length screenplay is $450 and $850 for a novel. This will include the page-to-page notes, questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions for dialogue punches, action sequences, character arcs, or story changes (without actually making them) and answering any questions you might have that will take your play, script or novel to the next level. This will include your pitch and introductory letters to agents or managers if needed. This is not a standard reader’s report  (I offer those as well  — but I honestly think they are no longer relevant).  My job is to help you find the holes in your script and offer solutions to make it better, much better. I keep my eyes on the things that sometimes writers lose track of: structure, style, format, beats, buttons, tone, character development, dialogue, action sequences and your elevator pitch.

After the read, and all the notes, you might want to meet. When and if we meet, I will charge $125/hour additional, for brainstorming and working out script details.  This process can be as short or as lengthy as you wish.  Some scripts take more time and can be continued over a period of days. In either case, we will always be in email contact, and I certainly do NOT charge for quick questions or clarifications of what we’ve done together.

If you are interested, contact me and let’s get started…

Time to get your script… MADE INTO A FILM!