For someone who is incredibly right brained, I have an obsessive fascination with ascending/descending/repetitive calendar numbers. So, it is only appropriate that my first post is today: 9/10/11. My favorite ‘date memory’ is 8/8/88. While the Chinese consider the number eight, and indeed multiple number eights quite lucky, I simply thought it was cool. On August 8, 1988,  I was working out in the weight room in college, pre-season for field hockey and there was an old radio in the gym. These were the days before hi-tech flat screen tv’s in gyms… we just had a tinny radio… and I clearly remember when the radio personality said, “Good morning, folks. Today is 8-8-88.”

That was 23 years ago… and I feel like I’ve lived several lives between being an All Conference field hockey player and a soon to be published novelist. And each of the fun dates in between… 07-07-07 (did you know that was a day where marriages spiked…I only wonder, with the gambling theme, how many will survive) 9-9-9, 7/8/9, 9/10/11… okay, you get the point.

And  as someone who was born at 11:11pm in the 11th month….I am indeed looking forward to 11/11/11. Less than three months from now. And my goal is to blog every day for three months. Can I do it?