We all know the voices: Howard CosellRyan SeacrestMargaret Thatcher. Whether we like them or not, we respond to them. They are distinctive, crisp, resonant. They don’t fill the silences with “hmm’s” and “uhh’s”. They are in complete control. The art of the speaking voice is one we often take for granted, as most of our collective voice appreciation is for singers who sound like Freddie Mercury or Adele.

While we can take elocution lessons and study and perfect our regular speaking voices, the reality is that some of us have it and some of us… don’t.  And while the content of my radio interview is indeed passionate and perhaps even entertaining, despite its unapologetic  plugs of self-promotion… it is not unique. I possess the average voice. Perhaps a tad higher, severely plagued with the “hmm’s” and “uhh’s”, not particularly commanding and a bit too cloying for the radio.

While some people have a face for radio, perhaps I have a voice for tv.


To listen to Colette Freedman’s  interview with Robin Pressman for NPR- KCRB radio click HERE.