One month ago, I challenged myself to write a blog every day for an entire month. Today marks the celebratory completion of my task. I set a goal and I accomplished it. Yay.

Yet, in reviewing my last thirty days of blogs, I’ve discovered how seemingly scattered they are. While there are several repeated topics, there is still nothing thematically linking them together. And I started to chide myself for being so schizophrenic in my interests…before stopping myself and realizing…I am actually interested in a lot of things. And that’s okay. Because, isn’t that the point of blogs… to babble on/ rant&rave about what matters most…to the person writing the blog?!

In thirty days, I’ve written about everything from nail polish to garlic. I’ve reprinted my poems and monologues. I’ve waxed poetical on playwriting. I’ve made observations about Jewish holidays and discovered lessons from favorite films. I’ve reviewed a book and recounted tales from charity events. And I’ve discovered that the one through line I have is… me: Colette Freedman, a writer who happens to enjoy a lot of interests.

As the blogs continue, maybe they’ll settle down and better define themselves…but for now… I’m going to keep exploring the possibilities. And I’m going to challenge myself to another month of daily blogging.