Last night I had a dream… no, not nearly as prophetic and genius as Martin Luther King… mine was just a random dream where I was having a conversation with a girl I went to high school with. Usually I ignore, suppress, neglect my dreams… but this one got me thinking. What happened to the girl? She was very pretty and quite popular in that extremely rare way that she was equally accepted by the uber clique; yet, still cool enough to be nice to the less popular girls. In a nutshell, she was just really nice.

Thanks to modern technology where you can pretty much find out everything about everyone, I looked her up… and was thrilled to see that she had become an artist. And a really amazing artist at that. Her medium is ceramics…a deceptively difficult craft.

Now, I am part of the Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze generation that saw Ghost (12 times) and immediately thought I would find love if I started making pottery. So I joined a class, crafted some really bad, incredibly awkward bowls and called it quits. Color Me Mine would have to satisfy my artistic inclinations from then on… I could paint pottery… I just couldn’t mold or glaze or bake it. Judi can… and her work is extraordinary.

So, with the holidays coming up… check out her website— and, hey, this is a totally unbiased review. I haven’t seen or heard from the woman in twenty years… She just happened to pop up in my dream last night… and anyone on my holiday list will thank me because of it!