I love plays. I love watching them, I love acting in them and and I love writing them… and I truly appreciate when a group of artists collectively figure out how to adapt them for the screen. Because it’s not easy. This has been done well (Steel Magnolias) and this has been done poorly (Rabbit Hole). But, win or fail… I do believe that it’s important to try. 

“Issue” films… films which are actually about something rather than just entertaining chase/shoot ‘em up/ CG films… can be compelling, thought provoking and quite wonderful. And often, they imitate life more than most of us care to digest.  

Did he or did he not is always a hot button topic. Wonder if Jerry Sandusky ever saw John Patrick Shanley’s “Doubt”.  Mental Disturbance is prevalent in all of our lives as loved ones are afflicted with everything from Dementia to Schizophrenia. And David Auburn’s play and screenplay “Proof” deftly bring mental disease to light. 

What excites me about plays and films like these is that they are unafraid to take risks, push the envelope and dare to make the audience feel. They force us to look at the ugly realities in our own lives, which we are often brought up to politely sweep under the carpet, hide in the closet and suppress with a masked smile. 

One of the many films I’m looking forward to seeing in the near future is Return to Zero, based on the true story of  a successful couple coping with the loss of a child. Being long familiar with Sean Hanish’s work, I’m excited for the possibilities of his film Return to Zero— not only because it’s based on truth, but because it takes all of the dirty laundry involved with loss and with pathos, humor and great bravery airs it out for people to see.