In my not so distant past I used to run 10k’s. And although I championed the causes, enjoyed the exercise and was motivated by the competition… the real joy of the races for me were the tee shirts. Every size, shape and color. Every imaginable design. The Reindeer Run, sponsored by the Piggly Wiggly, The Turkey TrotRun for Her, Jog for Him, Race for Them… you get the point. Eventually, the tee shirts mounted up. Invariably, the tee shirt stuffed drawers were hard to open. Emotionally, I couldn’t give the shirts away… how could I? There was way too much sentimental attachment.

So… what did I do? I made a quilt… okay, well, I didn’t make a quilt…because I cannot sew. This is due to my strong domestically challenged home ec skills…especially involving  a thread and needle. Despite liking the film How to Make an American Quilt, I have never nor will ever have the skill set to make a quilt, American or any other country… So, I sent a bunch of my tee shirts to Campus quilt. I found them online and, after doing my due diligence, discovered they had the best prices for what I needed. One day, I said goodbye to 36 old sentimental tee shirts…. a few weeks later, I said hello to my new quilt of memories.

Since I got the quilt, I’ve done The Aids Ride, The Alzheimer’s Walk and a few races/walks/events in between…and in five or twenty years when I’ve accumulated several more nostalgic XL memories…I plan to go for quilt #2.