I miss Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Ramona the Pest
the four Boxcar Children and Eloise’s zest.

I remember visiting Narnia and the Wonderful World of Oz
meeting strange talking creatures with tails and paws.

I trembled as first I walked down Lois Duncan’s dark hall,
getting to know Charlie Bucket and Willie Wonka, thanks to Mr. Roald Dahl.

I went spying with Harriet and got caught in a web spun by E.B. White
And in the Hunger Games, stood right next to Katniss to fight.

I explored with Scout and Jem, understanding Boo Radley at last
I floated down the river with Huck and Jim, though not terribly fast.

I flew with Mary Poppins and Peter Pan, soared on Harry Potter’s broom
I pretended what it would be like, to live in Half Pint’s small room

I swam near the Island of Blue Dolphins and fell down Alice’s rabbit hole
And was there watching the birth of Black Beauty, the elegant foal.

Books are adventures: you can visit where you’ve never been
but there is nothing as wonderful as your first visit… so find a new story and dive in.

©Colette Freedman

I am envious of the children who have yet to enter these imaginative worlds for the first time.
I am jealous of the adventure they are about to go on.
I am thrilled that I have been where they are going and know what their journey entails.