The decade of the woman. Empowerment. Acknowledging the


Equal pay. Pro-choice. Pro-woman. Taking off the blindfolds of ignorance.

WE can teach you, but many times you don’t want to learn.

Is it too painful?

I spend my time championing women’s rights.

Voicing my discontent with the establishment

A member of the unsilent minority.

I am called bitch, butch, he-woman and c*nt.

Yes, c*nt… does vagina have too many syllables in your unlimited vocabulary?

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

But I am not angry at you, specifically. I specifically pity you.

We speak a different language.

Open your ears and find a piece of your mind to imbibe some of my milk and honey.

Until then, you cannot begin to understand me.