My life as an amateur packer began when, at seven, I watched my mom packing for her vacation. I wasn’t quite sure why one needed eight black tee shirts. So, I became her mini consultant…putting her suitcase on an immediate diet. As I grew up and went on vacations of my own, I discovered that there are two ways to travel: with a suitcase or a carry-on. I’m a big believer in the latter. When you’re getting on and off of planes and trains, it’s easier to do so with a knapsack and a small duffle.

So…what are the priorities in a pack besides a passport and money?

phone. computer. clothes. shoes. accessories.

That’s it. The big five.

Monochrome is the way to go…easier to mix and match when you neither have to mix nor match. If you want color, add a scarf (the unsung hero of travel) or a headband; otherwise, stick to black. It’s fashionable, slimming and practical. And Scott Vest makes a sleek black lightweight multi-pocketed vest which can hold a phone, computer, passport, money and accessories. So, the packing is already half done.

A few pairs of black pants. A couple of shirts. A sturdy pair of shoes. And a black Scott vest.

Benvenuti in Italia