A bunch of people have asked me what I’m wearing to my book signing tomorrow. Now, I’ve been to many signings and the “outfits” authors tend to wear range from tedious to outrageous. Men have it easier as their limited clothing choices narrow down their looks to three: 1) Professional hip (my writing partner rocks this category as his signing ensemble tends to be dark jeans, cowboy boots and a hip blazer), 2) Professional fuddy duddy (the Altakakas who show up in three piece suits) – I come from a family of writers and there is a specific person in my family to whom I am lovingly referring, and 3) Hippy… the author who shows up in the jeans and half open shirt as if to say… “hey, I’m just too cool.” Oye.

Women have far too many choices. If you’re Jackie Collins, then you ALWAYS look fabulous. I’ve seen Jackie at her book signings and the woman is gorgeous from head to toe. Then there is the other extreme, the author who wears several shabby chic layers of reds and oranges, her long silver hair flowing freely with turquoise feather earrings and the invariable floppy hat. I’m undecided as to my “look” but it will probably fall somewhere in between the two.

Meanwhile, in order for me to feel comfortable at the signing, I did the one thing I knew was most necessary: I got a manicure. Now, I’m a fan of mani-pedi’s simply because I have man hands: big, strong, masculine hands… of which nine of my ten fingers have been broken playing field hockey or lacrosse. Getting a manicure moves them from a zero to a two in the respectability department…and, hey, hopefully I’ll be signing hundreds of books tomorrow so my man hands need to look their best!

Tomorrow night, 7pm sharp at Vromans in Pasadena. I look forward to seeing you there!