Depression rocks me like a boat hit by a crashing wave. I tumble out and find myself drowning in my own tears. Help. What did Alice do? She drank from a bottle that said “Drink Me”… but all I have is beer. So I drink and I eat and I drink and eat some more.

Now, I am depressed, drunk and fat.

Men suck. This power that they have over women to evoke such a complete feeling of utter doom. What an enigma. I need an enema. Is there a doctor in the house? Please, I need something to fix my heart. No, daddy, antibiotic and a neon Snoopy band aid ain’t gonna do it this time. You were a king to me dad, you could do no wrong. You were my hero; yet, you never prepared me for the real world.

Men suck, daddy, and you didn’t warn me.

©Colette Freedman