Last night was my big high school reunion.

I’m fairly lame in the sense that I’ve been out of touch with most of my high school friends for far too many years; however, with the advent of Facebook…at least I now have “access” to some of them…who, in turn, have access to others and so on and so forth. So, the point, is that last night was my reunion and I, admittedly, am a bit sad that I wasn’t there. Now, I realize one of the uber Romy and Michelle points of reunions is to see who is fat, who is bald, who is successful, botoxed, thrice divorced, invented post-its… but I just think, call me a hopeless sentimental, that it would have been nice to put old faces to names and say hello.

Taking a break from an overdue article on The Thirteen Hallows, I hopped on Facebook to play my favorite vice, Scrabble… and started IM’ing with an old friend who was at the reunion. He mentioned a bunch of “names from my past” and the memories came flooding back: Kellee… a cute blonde who used to sport a Farrah Fawcett do…; Mitch….who scored the winning basketball goal when my high school finally made it to the championships; Michelle, the popular girl who told someone in eighth grade that I was understatedly pretty (a compliment I have feasted on to this day)… chatty Shari, athletic Jon, uber smart Richard, likable Norm….names which were such an integral part of My complexly “So Called Life” high school years… now brought to the forefront of my psyche in a brief IM with the sweet guy I used to cut track practice with.

Ah… the memories.