These are stories I wrote to help kids adjust through tough/complicated/new situations. It’s a terrific way to help children and their families understand change and various life events.

A reprinted article from LA Mom Magazine.

Your child can be the star of the story.
By Atoosa Nehorai

For children, the world is wondrous place filled with new experiences and new challenges. Every parent knows that some life events are more complicated and require more attention and discussion than others. As a mother of three, I came to realize the power of storybooks in helping parents explain new situations to their children. I learned that these books can play an important role in facilitating an honest and open discussion about the issue at hand. Upon seeing the benefits of these storybooks, I decided to launch a website which allowed parents to create customized stories which addressed specific issues that were significant to their child; a place where families could write their own stories.

With, children are the stars of their own stories. Our storybooks cover a wide array of topics such as adjusting to a new sibling, preparing for the first day of school, understanding food allergies, moving to a new city and many more. These stories were written by internationally published author, Colette Freedman, and were prepared under the careful guidance of educators, doctors and child development specialists. We provide a supportive narrative which parents and their children can work together to customize in a matter of minutes. Our mission is to provide a creative and innovative outlet to help families explain, explore and approach change and life events.

Atoosa Nehorai is a mother of three and creator of