I’ve never been a fan of four white walls.

I know it stems from some deep psychological issue from my childhood; however, I find four white walls boring. Thus, I am a big fan of the accent wall. Designers fall into two opposing camps as far as accent walls are concerned. Either they are a “bold statement” or the result of “sheer laziness”. Today, I decided to paint a few accent walls to spruce up my home, and – after going through the process – I do believe it is a combination of both: bold and lazy:  Bold because boy oh boy do accent walls brighten up a room, make a definitive statement and take a risk. Lazy because, let’s face it, you only have to prep and paint one of four walls.

I do believe if you’re going to paint one of four walls, you must go bold. Subtle yellows, simple beiges and even muted greens won’t work. You must go for  tangerine oranges, bright pinks  or, dare I say it, purplicious… colors which are definitely  a decorative risks; yet, the results can be outstanding.