I’m a Scrabble addict. Growing up, I would literally beg people to play with me… now, with the advent of Facebook Scrabble I have more games than I can handle.

And I have a small square faced cartoon at the bottom of my screen, who judges me. Relentlessly.

Every time I put down a word, the teacher…yes, this is what’s wrong with our educational system – the Hasbro elites have called a square faced man whose specialty is giving nasty looks, a teacher.  Anyway, every move I make, Herr Teacher judges me. Nine of out ten times, he gives me a  ‘You’re an idiot look‘, which is basically a flat line where his mouth is.

I just added ‘ed’ to “foul” for twelve points. Judgemental Scrabble guy told me I could have played “golder” for 33. The word ignoramus might as well flash across the screen. Try as I might to please him, it is a rare event. Occasionally, I get bingos, where I am able to craft all seven tiles into a viable word which fits on the board. Then scrabble guy gives me a wide, toothy smile.

And I feel great. Because a cartoon has just given me a strong sense of self.

What’s wrong with this picture?!