Everyone can do their part to make this world a better place. It’s not hard, perhaps it’s just a matter of being creative. I am a big believer in paying it forward and it doesn’t have to take money or status or time…it simply takes passion and a big heart.

Last year, my best friend was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I felt helpless beyond words. Other than giving her my love and my time, I didn’t know how I could help her. How I could stop the disease from setting up shop in her brain. I wanted to fight. For her, for me, for every person afflicted with Alzheimer’s and every family member and friend who bears witness to this terrible disease. I’m neither a scientist nor a doctor; however, I can support the scientists and doctors who are trying to find a cure. The professionals who have committed themselves to find a cure. So, I committed myself to raise money for them.

To do my small part to fund research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Last year, I walked to End Alzheimer’s; however, it was just me and a friend; me and a friend amidst the thousands of do gooders. We had voices; yet, they were not heard.  This year, I wanted to do more. We wanted to do more. The Brixton Belles is a team named for the city where my best friend was born. And the passion and heart which the sixty members of the Brixton Belles brought to the event was beyond imagination. We raised over $27,000 and it is just the beginning. Next year we plan to double that amount. And hopefully, some time in the near future a doctor or a scientist will find the missing ingredient, the elusive answer, the right combination to eradicate this terrifying disease for good.

This weekend, I walked to End Alzheimer’s. What did you do?