I set a goal for myself to blog every day until my book comes out. That’s three months of blogging. (Did I see myself five years ago, using the word “blog” three times in a sentence? NO!) Look, perhaps people who have limited imaginations, limited themes and limited ideas would have a problem with the pressures of daily blogging. But since I am truly schizophrenic in my imaginations, themes and ideas…it’s been—FUN!

I like being able to blog about whatever I am thinking about. Having a platform in which to rant, rave, quell, qvetch, bitch, improvise, question and dream. And while the ‘goal’ of the blog has been self-promotion, specifically trying to get the word out about my horror/thriller THE THIRTEEN HALLOWS… it’s been really fun having the freedom to blog about random musings from spa treatments to children’s books to comics to lacrosse.

Look, I have a lot of interests. I’ve always been that way. And I celebrate it. Plus… I suppose it makes it somewhat interesting to subscribe to my blog because one TRULY never knows what I’ll blog about from day to day.