It always fascinates me when I go to people’s houses and I see ‘the good china’ or ‘the good silver’ on display. Why? It’s not art… it’s just a ‘good’ utensil. However, the definition of utensil is: any instrument, vessel, or tool serving a useful purpose… and, frankly, while putting a fork or a bowl on display may be a useful purpose to some… I would get much more use out of it, if I were using it to eat my macaroni and cheese.

Admittedly, I’m a hypocrite… for years I had the ‘good silver’ I inherited shoved away in a back drawer, hidden behind an old pot. Why? What good was it doing? After a series of misadventures with breaking forks which I bought repeatedly from Goliath superstores, I thought enough is enough… and I broke out the good silver. And it was incredibly liberating. Who made up the rules that you can’t eat Frosted Flakes with the ‘good spoon’, or spread chunky peanut butter with the ‘good knife’?

Life is short. USE THE GOOD SILVER… the food actually tastes better when you shovel it into your mouth with a silver fork, rather than a cheap piece of tin from Target.