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Los Angeles is a film town; however, far too many artists complain about not working… as actors, writers, directors, etc. But the fact is…Los Angeles is a film town, so your acupuncturist probably has a camera, your dentist probably has a script and within spitting distance of the nearest dog park are probably twenty incredibly talented; albeit, out of work actors.

So, stop complaining and start doing.

With the advances in computer technology, editing is easy and there are loads of ‘just out of film school grads’ who are whizzes at post production. So, grab a camera and a crew and go MAKE A MOVIE!


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  • Nicholas Thurkettle

    Hey there-

    It’s me, that fellow from the WGA party last night who was with the girl with the handmade books. There – that should narrow it down, right?

    Anyway, couldn’t agree more. When I teach my screenwriting class, I always stress to the students that they are living in a blessed age when it comes to the ease of putting together a film. You learn infinitely more by going out there and trying something than you will sitting at home worrying about it not being the greatest thing in the world.

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