Today, we spent the day on bridges.

There are bridges in Miles Underwater.

Why wouldn’t there be… it is a film with the word underwater in the title.

And we are shooting in San Antonio, which is a city filled with a lot of water and a lot of bridges.

Bridges are also metaphors… for connection. They connect places and people.

In Miles Underwater, Miles is disconnected. He is lost – emotionally and needs to find himself. He does this by crossing several bridges – physical, emotional and spiritual.



Faith—is The Pierless Bridge

 Faith—is the Pierless Bridge 

Supporting what We see 
Unto the Scene that We do not— 
Too slender for the eye 

It bears the Soul as bold 
As it were rocked in Steel 
With Arms of Steel at either side— 
It joins—behind the Veil 

To what, could We presume 
The Bridge would cease to be 
To Our far, vacillating Feet 
A first Necessity.

–Emily Dickinson  
I like bridges. Even when we shoot on them in 104 degree heat.