An obit to my soon to be dead dog #2 Miriam Von Freedman Troy

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I wasn’t prepared for the pain. As someone who didn’t grow up with animals, I wasn’t prepared for the pain. As my dying baby girl lies on my lap while I write this, I am still not prepared for the pain.

When Mark Troy died six and a half years ago, it nearly broke me. I begged our dog children not to die as well… or at least to stick around for a couple of years so I could process my grief. They kept up their end of the bargain:  Every day, my debonair Moses and my skittish Miriam would blanket me with their greyhound love. They knew just how much I needed them. They knew the importance of their unbreakable link to Troy. They knew it was now just the three of us. So we became a new family. And when Moses died March 30, 2016, it nearly broke me again. He was my boy. My gentleman. My big, oafy, farty, beloved son. And with him gone, I was worried. I didn’t know Miriam as well. Moses had the big alpha personality and Miriam was a true Beta. I didn’t truly know my daughter. And I was worried. Now it was just us. How were we going to make it? I panicked. I thought, our pack is so small —- should I get another greyhound? I struggled with this for a while as I mourned Moses, but I decided instead to get to know Miriam better. And I did. And she is extraordinary. Empathic, intelligent, curious and kind. The last three and a half years of just the two of us have been incredible. We have leaned on each other, comforted each other and fiercely loved each other.

The average life span of a greyhound is generally 12 years old. At nearly 14 1/2 Miriam has defied all expectations. Every day with my girl is a gift. And as she got older and slower and leakier, she was still the greatest gift I could ask or hope for, as well as my last link to her brother and father. And despite the pain, I am grateful. So incredibly grateful for time we had together. 

 I don’t know what my future looks like without her, but I know she will be okay. She will become the queen over that rainbow bridge and will be greeted by the rest of our family who have already set up shop there. 

I will miss her with my entire heart, which is now completely broken. But it will heal. Because hearts heal. 

Rest in Peace Miriam Von Freedman Troy 

October 13, 2005 – February 8, 2020

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  • Vicki Fisher Bergeron

    I’m so sorry!! I loss my husband a month ago, o pray my Pearl is around for a long time, she’s gonna b 7 this yr, we r all we have!!! God Bless You

  • Maureen Lewis

    Popeye and I loved Miriam so much.We spent so much time with her while Mom was at work. Popeye and Miriam were besties. Both moms and their baby’s took a walk every night. Popeye will miss his buddy but we know he will not be in pain anymore. She will be with her brother and dad. We will miss you sweet Miriam RIP

  • julia Huffman

    Gorgeous. Where would we be without the love of our beloved furries…?

  • Jerry Goble

    I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through. I have 2 Italian greyhounds & 2 Chihuahuas and I rue the day they leave me. They are wonderful little companions. Miriam sounds like she was a great girl.

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