It does not matter if you are shooting Black Panther or Miles Underwater: In filmmaking, there are three stages of production:

  • Pre-production: Planning, scripting & storyboarding, etc.
  • Production: The actual shooting/recording.
  • Post-production: Everything between production and creating the final master copy.

A story is a story. It doesn’t matter if it is about Wakanda or San Antonio.

It doesn’t matter if it stars Chadwick Boseman or Max Purdy.

Both stories are coming of age stories when a boy finds his place in the world after the death of his father.

The biggest difference in the two films is that Black Panther’s budget was 200 million and Miles Underwater’s budget is… a lot less. A lot less. A lot, a lot, a lot less. Like, take away eight zeroes and then a lot of money beyond that. A lot less money.

Just. So. Many Fewer Zeroes.

But the same exact process happens. Pre-production, Production and Post-Production.

And in both cases the films will get made. Stories will get told. Actors will eloquently embody characters.

In both cases, it is a privilege to make movies.

No matter how hard the stress. How small the budget. How taxing the circumstances.

It is a privilege.