In Quality Problems (now avail on VOD, Amazon, iTunes, etc… do you have YOUR copy yet?) Max Purdy KILLED IT in the scene where he discovers his mother has cancer. On set, the then ten-year-old hit his emotional marks EVERY SINGLE TIME…. His emotional depth was the main impetus for us writing a film starring him. On Miles Underwater,  we gave him higher emotional peaks to climb.

And he catapulted over them, over and over and over again today.

It wasn’t just Max who was required to dig to the depths of his emotional core. Brooke Purdy and Doug Purdy were similarly required to rip open their emotional veins…over and over and over again.

It was a marvel to watch.

The trio’s individual and collective capacity to convey emotion is revelatory. All three of them have committed their hearts to this project and, when it comes on the big screen, it will the audience who benefits from their emotional rawness, vulnerability and generosity.