Today’s four pillars.

There were too many moments of general happiness today on set to narrow down in tonight’s blog: To have a singular voice. To share something profound or inspirational which four people diligently read (thank you Doug Purdy, Mom, Shavonne and Jennifer McCann)  Instead, I feel like I have a bit of verbal diarrhea (yes, I  had to look up how to spell that. Why is diarrhea such a hard word to spell?).  

So, like my spiritual guru cousin Claudia Horwitz‘s motto “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.” I am not going to force a blog; rather, I’m going to share my thoughts from today…and parcel out today’s top four.


  1. MANDY RAGGE – I generally do not like studio teachers. I can say that without sounding like an asshole, because I am a teacher. I got my Master’s degree in teaching. I love teaching, both privately and at two universities; however, I never understood the need for a studio teacher…especially when the minor’s parents are on set. I never understood the concept of a studio teacher until I met Mandy Ragge. She is a badass. She is a total pro. She is easygoing.  She does her job perfectly and professionally while managing to make everyone like her. Really like her. This woman is awesome and our team will NEVER HAVE TO LOOK FOR A STUDIO TEACHER AGAIN because we have found the best studio teacher ever.
  2. BROOKE PURDY – I can’t express how much I love this woman. Not only is she a phenomenal writer..but she NAILED her scene today. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed it.  (If I could write Nailed it 100 times, I would…but it is late and I am lazy…but she NAILED IT.) Sitting in a tiny room with the air conditioning turned off, watching a climactic scene on a tiny monitor…I was blown away. Everyone in the room was blown away. (I give myself a bit of credit for discovering  Anne Frances…a truly wonderful Austin actress, who acted opposite Brooke as Bea…and helped bring out her magic as Brooke Purdy NAILED IT)  Director Jen Prince continued her revelatory work, nudging Brooke and easily pulling out a performance to remember.
  3. KATY COURON – Once upon a time when I used to direct commercials, I discovered Natalie McKinney, who went from being the assistant director on an Equity Waiver play to running a million dollar advertising agency  within a matter of months. Katy Couron is on that same trajectory. While I cannot take ANY credit in  finding her, I am privileged to watch her on her meteoric rise, and I can absolutely say that she has what it takes to do anything in this industry. She is the script supervisor on Miles Underwater and, as  a writer and an actor and a co-producer, I can honestly say she makes me feel “safe”… a compliment which is rare in this industry.
  4. WILL UNDERWOOD – I think Will shares the biggest unsung hero award on our team…along with Jhennifer Webberley (who has a much deserved upcoming blog). I spent a great deal of today watching Will… not in a creeper way, but in an observational way. He multi tasks like no ones business and always seems to be in three places at once! As our AD/Producer, he manages an entire set without letting anyone see his stress. He sees everything, says little and commands respect. He has basically crewed up our entire film with people who will do anything for him because… he is likable, strong willed, talented and would give the shirt off of his back. You cannot help but love this man. He is a filmmaker; inspirational, generous, talented, likable and a boss.

Today was a good day. I love these four people and I celebrate them!

Miles Underwater – Day ten – The 4 pillars – July 14th